Connecting heart, mind and higher self

Using a highly effective blend of Holistic Coaching, Pradip Mistry gives you the hands on tools you need to begin to harness the power of your mind, to help ease your transition into retirement, enhance creativity, improve health and make goal achievement much, much easier.

Pradip’s approach offers a rare combination of deep intuition blended with the latest research into energy psychology, all leading you to the realisation that you can in fact achieve so much more than you ever thought you could.

None of this is difficult or complicated. The techniques offered are simple and above all highly effective.

One-to-One Coaching

One to One Coaching combines practical guidance with sound psychological principles to help you transform your life.

Group Coaching

My group coaching clients benefit from the peer learning with others, commonly referred to as the collective wisdom of the group.

Motivational Speaking

Pradip is a professional motivational speaker and would be happy to speak at your events.


Pradip Mistry is an international speaker, writer, and new life style coach. He is founder of unique wholistic approach to self discovery. He works with Professionals, Pre and Post-Retirees, supporting them to rediscover their hidden talents and deepest desires to manifest.

During the past 30 years, Pradip has gained experience of working with Pensions administrators, resolving real retiree issues within large and medium companies, supporting retiring business entrepreneurs and Pensions Management Trustee organisations.

Pradip is authentic with a genuine passion to support individuals and their partners to tap into their greatness and create beautiful life full of passion and purpose.

Working with Pradip

While having money is certainly a factor, as is good health, money and health alone will not guarantee a happy and fulfilling retirement.

“Perhaps the most important change taking place in Britain today is the realisation that fulfilling years in mid and later life don’t just happen. To be successful with a life transition requires thoughtful introspection and careful planning.”

Working with Pradip on one to one gives you (or your staff) an unprecedented level of personal support whilst working through periods of transition, or towards personal goals.

To benefit you must actively want to bring some change into your life and be willing to participate in the process, as you move with deliberate consciousness, towards your greatest passions, potentials and aliveness.
A variety of packages are available, each with differing levels of support ranging from one telephone call a fortnight to daily contact.

Whichever service you find of interest please take the time to get in touch.
turbo charged results, totally empowering, skills for life.

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Is coaching for you?

Many of my clients share the same characteristics. They are committed to their own personal growth, as well as living life with passion and commitment. If any of these characteristics describe you, but you don’t know how to achieve it, coaching may be for you:

  • You have a deep desire for meaning in your life – You have been successful in your work and family and you want that same sense of success in retirement. This doesn’t mean jut filling hours, but being engaged in activities that are fun, as well as productive.
  • You are willing to try something new – You already know that doing it “your way” hasn’t worked so well. You are willing to try a new way, not “my” way, but a “different” way and see what happens.
  • You are willing to commit to the process – You know there is no “quick fix.” You are willing to take the time and explore options as you create new opportunities for finding meaning in your life. You recognize that sometimes things feel worse before they feel better. Setbacks don’t faze you. You don’t give up.
  • You want to have fun along the way – Working on your life is serious work, deep work, and hard work. You are willing to experiment with your life. You understand that the answers won’t come instantaneously, but you’re committed to the journey.
  • You want results – You are consistent in applying yourself towards improving your life. You’re not looking for the easy answers, but ones that will bring you a deep sense of purpose. You continue to do “whatever it takes.”

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Articles and Blogposts Pradip has published include:

  • Later Life Planning Conference
    I am delighted to be invited to join a panel of specialists and speak at the two day conference. I will be sharing my expertise in guiding adults to consider key aspects of planning for your later life..
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  • Stage Presence
    In April I had been invited to speak at an Experts seminar at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Tameside and I was feeling excited (and honoured) to be taking part.

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  • Thriving in Your Retirement Years
    Two or three generations ago most people normally retired at 60 or 65 from full-time profession and were struggling to live to 75. Life was full of hard stops! Now, people are living longer, are healthier and have more time, more opportunities and that means more choices and so very often retirement is a journey not a hard stop. This can be quite overwhelming for the unprepared.
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  • Insight into Planning for Retirement
    Have you considered what the retirement phase of your life would look and feel like or you are retired, but are you living in your best retirement years? Come along to this short insight and find out for yourself. This workshop will explore the importance and varied aspects of life in retirement.
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  • A New Approach to Social Media
    Satirical Blogpost: I am currently trying to make friends outside of TWITTER and FACEBOOK (which I have never really understood as I am presently over 13 years old!) – while still applying the same social media principles.

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  • The New Rock and Roll Era
    Speaking at the recent pension’s specialist conference, Bob Geldorf, explained to the delegates why, after 40 years in rock n roll, he has ended up speaking with a bunch of geeks.
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  • Today Is the Day!
    Some years ago, Nobel Prize-winning economist George Akerlof found himself in a puzzling predicament.
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